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HEY JOE! What do you know about Faux-Rhinestone Designs with Siser?

A lot of people get into custom apparel to make rhinestone transfers, onto clothing, costumes, hand bags and more!

But it’s not the easiest process to master. You have to cut out a stencil from a special flock, and mess with a tweezers and hundreds of slippery little choking hazards.

There has to be an easier way! In this 3rd video in our 5 part series on introductory heat transfer topics with Siser NA pitchman Joe, he takes you through the ease and amazing effect of cutting faux-rhinestone designs out of Siser Holographic!

Hey Joe! What do you know about LAYERING SISER EASYWEED?

Check out this second video in our 5-part series of introductory heat transfer vinyl topics featuring world-renowned Siser NA pitchman Joe – it’s about layering with EasyWeed and other Siser styles for multi-color and even multi-texture designs!

34 Cool Things You Can Do with your New Vinyl Cutter This Year!

Happy New Year from USCutter!

Why not resolve this year to try something new with that vinyl cutter you received under the Christmas Tree? From pop-up greeting cards, to stickers for DIY screenprint stencils, and more, there’s a wide array of applications available to you that you may never even have considered before. Make: magazine has just compiled a list of “34 Cool Things You Can Do with Your New Vinyl Cutter”.

Pop-up Greeting Card. Photo by Natasha Dzurny, Courtesy of Make: Magazine.

Pop-up Greeting Card. Photo by Natasha Dzurny, Courtesy of Make: Magazine.

Among the highlights:

Use translucent vinyl to produce colorful paper or plywood lanterns (Oracal 8300).

Add frosting or translucent blocking to window glass or acrylic laser cut projects without the messiness of acid etching/sandblasting equipment (Oracal 8510).

Enlarge a thoughtful handwritten note into an epic wall decoration (Interior Wall Décor Kit).

USCutter carries many of the supplies and equipment you need to execute these suggestions with many of the products available at significant discounts. Start making today!