New Airbrush Artist bundle: How a phone conversation with an enthusiastic artist became a new product package now available from USCutter.

A lot of  USCutter customers knew Ben Freeman, our helpful, friendly and smart as a whip tech support good guy that has been helping customers at our tech support desk for years now. Ben is the kind of guy every company loves to have onboard. He really listens to customers and seeks to understand their issues when they call for help and his answers always provide a generous mix of insight and plain language explanation that callers always appreciate.

Most calls Ben receives are fairly standard questions centered on equipment choices and vinyl selections, but on occasion, a user will give Ben a call with something unique. One such customer was Bryan Sande of Fresno-based Reaper Grafx, a custom pinstripe and airbrush artist, whose interest wasn’t really in cutting and placing vinyl at all. He was looking for a way to use a cutter to create his own reusable stencils.

Ben being Ben, he quickly recognized that that was a community of customization and personalization professionals that USCutter should probably work to serve – and he started listening even more. He didn’t have any instant answers, but he formed a working relationship with Bryan, and in doing so came to learn that Bryan is not just a really talented professional in his field, but an innovator and teacher of sorts. Bryan’s Reaper Grafx Fan Facebook page has become a community gathering place for aspiring airbrush artists and those that seek him out are rewarded for their efforts with a wealth of friendly advice, in-depth training info on how to create certain effects, and very valuable recommendations on which products are best available for specific airbrush applications.

Long story short, Ben worked with Bryan and tapped into his expertise to develop the new USCutter Airbrush Painters Stencil Creation Kit, which bundles together carefully selected stencil materials, tapes and other materials into one all complete turnkey kit that enables airbrush artists to quickly design and create their own re-usable stencils and more. It took some testing and Bryan was incredibly generous with his time and expertise in testing equipment and materials.

With this new kit, artists will be able to cut intricate designs into paint mask, cut adhesive vinyl for custom decals and stickers and generally speed up production and make the job of weeding and applying masking material faster and easier. Bryan also made sure that there were things like a pen holder so that airbrushers can easily check their designs on paper before committing to a cut on their materials, and selected just the right transfer materials to make sure that adhesive and other chemicals in the chemicals don’t make their way into the paint on vehicles or other target substrates.

To Bryan, this is just another way of sharing his love for what he does with others, but to thousands of aspiring Airbrush artists out there, this is a savings of time, materials and trial and error to get the right combination of machinery and materials to create quality customization work better and faster. If you do custom airbrush work now, or if you are one of the many vehicle wrap professionals that buys materials from USCutter, we encourage you to pay a visit to Bryan’s pages and perhaps join in his community, and if you want to get started using vinyl cutters to create your stencils, check out the Airbrush Painters Stencil Creation kit on the USCutter website.

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Make your own custom-painted sign with a design of your choosing!

Make your own custom-painted sign with a design of your choosing!

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