4 Trends in Retail Signage that Provide New Market Opportunities

Here is a cool video and blog excerpt from one of our digital media vendors, Kodak.

Opportunities in Short-Term Indoor Signage...

Opportunities in Short-Term Indoor Signage…

“Due to the increase in online shopping, the brick and mortar store is facing steeper competition. Retailers have had to work on their brand awareness and retail signage plays an important role in communicating the brand message and influencing customers to purchase. Here are some of the emerging trends.

  1. More short-term signage—the life-cycle of a retail sign is getting shorter—As businesses try to gain customers, they need to continually change their messages. Consumers have short attention spans and are now used to seeing ever changing information and graphics.
  2. Eco-friendly products are in demand—Retailers know that their customers want to associate with environmentally friendly companies who use green materials and processes.
  3. Convergence of offline and online marketing strategies—More retailers are incorporating integrated marketing campaigns that send customers online and vice versa. Store signage needs to change often to keep up with the dynamic nature of technology.
  4. Rebranding is becoming an important marketing strategy—Competitive pressure to maintain a current look have caused many retail stores and restaurants to rebrand which has created an additional need for retail signage.”

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USCUTTER – WEEDING CONTEST! $500 in Total Prizes!

Show us your wizardry with a weeding tool and win money towards equipment and materials at uscutter.com!

Whether your weapon of choice is a hobby knife, tweezers, or dental pick, we want to see your skills. Visit the USCutter forum here to participate!

Win Prizes in our WEEDING CONTEST!

Win Prizes in our WEEDING CONTEST!

Here are the rules:

1. Visit this thread at the USCutter forum to post an image of your weeded (not applied) vinyl design on the backer.

2. Use original artwork. Spooky Halloweed-themed designs would be especially in demand.

3. Indicate what type of vinyl you used. Heat Transfer Vinyl and Sign Vinyl may be considered for different awards.

4. Tell us what’s your favorite weeding tool and why.

5. The top 5-10 entries will be selected by USCutter judges on the basis of creativity and inventiveness, difficulty, and visual appeal. USCutter forum users will ultimately be able to vote on the winning entries.

6. Entries will be considered through 10/14.

All right. Start your engines. Happy weeding! Note: USCutter is not responsible for claims of carpal tunnel, real or imagined.

Capture the Pokemon Go Craze with Dye-Sub Printed Products

From Articunos to Zapdos, Pikachus to Porygons, Pokemons are taking over the planet and possessing the screen-absorbed pupils of the populace.

Cool cellphone cases at the tips of your fingers with custom game imagery!

Cool cellphone cases at the tips of your fingers with custom game imagery!

Entrepreneurs are cashing in on the craze, too, acting as uber escorts, or making window signs advertising local resident Pokemons.

Don’t miss the boat. Use your Sawgrass dye-sublimation printer and commonly available blanks to make your own shirts, cups, coasters, water bottles, and cellphone cases.

Here is what USCutter Creative Laboratories came up with: what can you create?

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