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Apply Iron-on Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl with a Home Iron

Many newcomers to apparel decoration don’t yet own a heat press…

Anyone can put logos and decals on shirts with EasyWeed and a home iron!

Anyone can put logos and decals on shirts with EasyWeed and a home iron!

Here are instructions for applying the most commonly used heat transfer vinyl: Siser EasyWeed, onto cotton, blend, and other materials, with a home iron:

1.) Set iron dial between cotton and linen.

2.) Cover design with Kraft paper or cover sheet.

3.) Place on a flat, hard surface (ironing board not recommended)

4.) Press iron with medium/firm pressure (do not slide iron)

5.) Press each section of the design for 10-15 seconds.

6.) If areas of the design lift after application, apply cover sheet and repress for 10 seconds.

7.) Peel carrier hot or cold.

8.) Cover completed design and press for 5-10 seconds.

PDF Instructions / List of Approved Siser Iron-On Materials

Now that you know all that, check out this cool video for an overview of all the possible HTV projects you can do with the entire Siser line of products!

Siser HTV Tips for the Holidays

Siser NA Offers our most diverse premium HTV line for the Holidays!

Siser NA Offers our most diverse premium HTV line for the Holidays!

Siser NA offers’s most diverse line of premium heat transfer vinyl products going into the holidays. We here at USCutter think that you should always be 100% satisfied with your Siser experience. We recently had Siser NA’s Yoann Giorsetti, Director of International Sales, in our Redmond offices giving us an overview of product lines and common concerns from users.

Tips straight from the Siser source below!

Tips straight from the Siser source below!

Here are some Siser tips and facts straight from the source to ensure success with every press.


1.) For Siser products, it’s best to use a 45 degree blade at 40 to 60 grams of downforce pressure

2.) 80% of cutting issues are related to bad cutting strips. How old is your cutting strip and what type of shape is it in? Consider replacing it and buying a backup while you are at it.


1.) Heating EasyWeed to 100 degrees prior to weeding increases speed up to 70%.

2.) 305 deg F is the standard heat setting. Every 5 degrees you go down from that when pressing material you need to add 2 seconds of time to your press. Other HTV’s claim a 5 second press time, Siser EasyWeed is no different at a pressing temp of 330 F, but 305 deg F is the recommended press temperature to ensure the best appearance and lastability of the material.

Other Lines

1.) For Brick, use a 60 degree blade, credit card thickness on blade depth, and .25 offset on the blade.

2.) Siser Flock is the only layer-able flock. Use a 60 deg blade.

3.) Holographic Material – Double cut the material before you weed.

4.) Too much liquid fabric softener in the wash will cause material to fall off. Smell your material, if it smells like wildflowers, lay off the fabric softener.

5.) Use ExtraReflex (instead of standard Reflectall) with a 60 degree blade and lower speed.

6.) For Latex printers – Use ColorPrint Easy.

7.) Soft Opaque will not fade.

8.) Siser Glow is the only glow that looks white in the light.