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Shop USCutter.com for the Best Vinyl Values in the Biz!

The business case for buying your vinyl stock wholesale from USCutter.com is simple: realize cost savings of 60% or more per square foot on products you know you need. Build this cost savings into the prices you quote to customers to make your products more competitive in a crowded marketplace.

From adhesive-backed sign and banner vinyl to paint stencil mask, wrap, transfer tape, and heat transfer vinyl, USCutter.com provides you with the flexibility to buy as little as you need to do a job, or as much as you need to compete with the big boys, so you can build your unique business model on a budget.

Save big when you buy in bulk!

Save big on all the products you need when you buy in bulk!

Look at the percentage savings when you buy Siser EasyWeed by the yard instead of by the foot!

Save 20% or more on Siser EasyWeed when you buy by the yard!

Save 20% or more on Siser EasyWeed when you buy by the yard!


Sublimations Under Glass: A Business Case for Sublimated Vinyl Menus under Glass Tabletops in Dining Areas

In a previous episode, we saw the beautiful potential of dye-sub printing onto GreenStar Clear Adhesive Vinyl for decorations behind or under glass.

In this episode, we’re looking for a few good entrepreneurs for our sublimation shark tank. We’ll even provide the idea.

This video shows you all the steps, and details all the materials and equipment you’ll need (click here for the bundle available now!), for the process of printing vinyl menus to be placed under glass or on outward-facing windows.

The benefit of sublimation-printed vinyl menus?

They’re indestructible. They’re covered by glass. They look great. Watch the video and look at the pictures. They’re cheap-we did the math and one menu costs 40 cents. You can put games on it and draw on them, then erase it away. It’s easily removable without residue. You can change them out every week with new menu items, at a fraction of the cost of printing a new batch of traditional paper menus.

There’s the pitch. It’s your move now.

Sublimate Gameboards and more under glass.

Sublimate Gameboards and more under glass.


The Sign-Maker’s Guide to the Galaxy: A Handy USCutter Infographic

Vinyl products can be seen everywhere, once you know what to look for. Stickers and decals on car windows and truck fleets, ads on work vans, signs and banners of all kinds, t-shirts and all sorts of apparel. Vinyl is low cost, easy to work with, and provides consistent professional results for all sorts of crafting and decorating projects.

It can’t be a secret what makes all these wonderful vinyl products possible. USCutter sells thousands of vinyl cutters each month, many to first-time users. Our typical new user has an idea for a product or project, did their homework, googled “vinyl cutter” or found us through Ebay.

But once the vinyl cutter arrives in the mail, it may not be abundantly clear how to start making wonderful things. DON’T PANIC! Everything starts with the vinyl cutter, it’s the star of the show. But there’s a whole supporting cast of loveable materials, and each one of the players has to work together to make the whole production possible.

This USCutter infographic [printable pdf] introduces all the major actors: choosing the correct vinyl, the right application tape, and cutting blade to make any project possible, especially ones you may not even have thought had anything to do with vinyl. It’s designed to answer the question: “What do I need to make…”

Etched glass window designs… Contour-cut digital graphics for stickers… Lettering or decals for interior wall decoration… Letters and textured decals for t-shirts… Long-term outdoor signs and banners…

Clues on how to approach any job.

Your vinyl cutter makes it all possible…