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Introducing the Newest Technology in USCutter Vinyl Cutters: Titan 3 SE Special Edition

USCutter proudly announces the latest addition to the Titan family of professional series vinyl cutters: the Titan 3 SE Special Edition!

In addition to the fast, powerful, accurate servo motor, ARMS automatic contour cutting, and other Titan 3 standard features, the Special Edition also adds: more accurate tracking and reliable media feed mechanism for long cut jobs, an improved control panel, barcode/stored job reader, and many other bells and whistles. Check out the video for a demonstration of the operation and short overview of features!

Using PowerPoint 2003 to Contour Crop Around an Image: A Tutorial for Mac Users

“Sometimes, you want to crop around an image with a complex shape. Most people do this in Adobe® Photoshop® or another image-editing program, but you can do it in PowerPoint if you don’t have or know another program…”

Eliminate unwanted background with PowerPoint!

Eliminate unwanted background with PowerPoint!

This blog from Ellen Finkelstein walks Mac users of PowerPoint 2003 through the process of drawing in an outline of the image they’d like to isolate in a photo and eliminating the unwanted background, so that they can subsequently convert it into a vector design in their cutting software.

Stay tuned in the weeks to follow, and we’ll show you a great possible application of this technique, which uses vinyl and looks great, and could even make you a little bit of money.

THE CURIO IS COMING: Unlock your Crafting Superpowers with the Cameo’s New Trusty Sidekick

New, from the same folks who brought you crafting action heroes like the Silhouette Cameo and Portrait, meet Curio (projected to be available August 2015 – available for pre-order at USCutter NOW!). This all-purpose crafting tool does everything but fight crime.

Add some new moves to your super-crafter toolbelt like paper embossing, metal etching, leather stippling, deep cutting of foam and vinyl, and scoring. The new Curio can do everything the Cameo can, but it is not as versatile a cutter. It won’t accept materials larger than 8.5” x 12” with the base upgrade option, whereas the Cameo will cut a width of 12” by a 10 foot roll.

The Curio is cast as more of a trusty sidekick to the Cameo, with some pretty incredible features of its own.

Its dual carriage allows you to perform multiple functions at once, mixing and matching from the list of possible Curio accessories. Stipple and Ink or Emboss and Score in one pass. Contour cut around printed images.


The Curio has the same precision cutting that put Silhouette on the map.


And now, with a higher 5mm clearance and adjustable base with removable platforms, you can deep cut thicker materials than ever.

Work with leather, foam, metal, and even wood. Emboss soft papers and vellums for professional invitations and polished business cards.

With this dynamic duo at your disposal, your desktop or craft room can soon be your homebase for unlocking all your crafting superpowers. Pre-order yours today!

The Curio’s unique stippling feature lets you create amazing dot patterns that transform into unforgettable art.

The Curio’s unique stippling feature lets you create amazing dot patterns that transform into unforgettable art.