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Surrounded by Signs: Pay Attention to Your Environment for Creative Possibilities

This summer, when you’re out at festivals, street fairs, Farmer’s Markets, and even walking down the sidewalk, take a second to notice what’s all around us, as common as air. It’s a wild kingdom of ideas come to life.




Available at www.shopfuego.com

Available at www.shopfuego.com


FROM KITSCHY KITCHEN SIGNS TO AN R2-D2 WRAPPED VW BUS: Creative Vinyl Applications From Around the Web

Whether you’re partial to Antiques Road Show or the Star Wars saga, there are plenty of ways to express your inner muse with vinyl.

This blog post from the SignCraft website shows you step-by-step how to use vinyl to stencil mask and subsequently distress a wooden sign to reproduce the look of a vintage painted country store signboard.


And here’s another idea from the other side of space and time in a galaxy far far away. Printed vinyl wrap to dress up the modular-looking proletarian Volkswagen bus as the lovable robot R2-D2, using a Mimaki printer and CorelDraw software.


Check out these sites for inspiration, and then think about sending us your own creations for a $50 credit toward your next purchase at USCutter! More details here

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