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CLASS IT UP WITH A NEW College Teams Graphic: Color-Match Your Fav SEC, PAC-12 Team and More to USCutter Vinyl Lines

You asked for it, now here it is. Class up your sports designs with this College Team Color-Matching Vinyl Infographic!

We got a huge response when we matched team colors from the 32 pro football teams to 4 lines of our adhesive and heat transfer vinyls. But then our fans wanted more…

They cried out for their favorite SEC teams like ‘Bama and Florida. So this time we thought we’d honor select American universities with another color-matching infographic; and we decided to CLASS IT UP with options for Oracal 951 cast vinyl for more accurate color matches and durability for long-term installations on autos and other curved surfaces. Enjoy!

Class it up with this college infographic and matches for Oracal 951 premium vinyl!

Class it up with this college infographic and matches for Oracal 951 premium vinyl!

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL…VINYL? Team Colors Matched to 4 Lines of USCutter Vinyl

Followers of the cult of the pigskin, read on.

Here is the inside scoop on all the right colors you need to make your own pro football swag. Team USCutter did the research and matched the team colors of all the pro football teams to 4 lines of our vinyl for signs and custom apparel: Siser EasyWeed heat transfer vinyl, Oracal 631 Indoor Wall Vinyl, Oracal 651 Outdoor Sign Vinyl, and GreenStar low cost outdoor vinyl. Check out these two infographics where the team colors are broken down by conference (American and National), color, and the vinyl variety needed for your application.

Not enough? Well, how about we pre-assemble those vinyl colors into handy bundles for you (click here to see the teams we have so far-MORE ARE ON THE WAY!!!) at an extremely economical price point (between $25 and $50 depending on the vinyl and length you choose), and all you have to do is pick the option you want and add it to your cart. Easily get all the material you need for jobs ranging from decorating an ornate man-cave or local bar, to fashioning the jerseys, scarves, hats and other custom apparel your customers need for their Fantasy draft parties!

16 American Pro Football Team Colors.

16 National Pro Football Team Colors.