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Error- and Worry-Free with AlbaChem: A New USCutter Product for Removing Heat Transfer Vinyl

We’ve had a hot seller come through the docks at USCutter, and thought you should know about it.

Ever make a mistake?

Well, the wizards at Albatross have invented a magic potion which can take you back in time a few seconds (the length of a heat press cycle) and make it as if you never put that vinyl letter on the t-shirt crooked, or misspelled your niece’s name.

You don't have to be perfect...anymore.

You don’t have to be perfect…anymore.

Worry no more. AlbaChem Vinyl Letter Removing Solvent is a new product that completely removes HEAT TRANSFER VINYL letters and other graphics, and residual adhesives from most fabrics. The applicator spout allows for easy application minimizing waste. Apply a few drops on the reverse side of the garment to dissolve the adhesive. Then simply peel off the graphic. Highly effective and fast drying, Vinyl Letter Remover saves you time and money by dramatically reducing “seconds”. Check out the video here to see how you can use this exciting new product in your workspace!


It’s not very often we get this excited down at USCutter about a new application tool. The Rollepro Heat Resistant vinyl applicator promises to revolutionize the world of vehicle wraps: if you have to cover a lot of rivets on a trailer or an RV, you know it’s a total pain and time-sink; this tool makes the process painless. For effortless contour work, simply heat the desired vinyl with a propane torch then roll the Rollepro soft applicator over the irregular surface for smooth bubble-free results. Shapes and seals in 1 easy step for up to 50% faster installation of wraps or large graphics to RV’s, buses, vans, trailers, and more! SeeRollePro-Heat-Resistant-Vinyl-Application-Roller-Tool for yourself!