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USCutter sells banners in a dozen colors because we know color has power.

We offer red, a color that creates a sense of urgency; a deep rich burgundy that denotes quality, and a black that feels powerful and communicates authority.

There’s blue – a color that inspires trust. Green, which is associated with health and tranquility. Plus vibrant, cheerful colors like yellow and orange.

Colors are a cornerstone of good branding. Everyone knows the red of Coca-Cola, orange of Home Depot, the brown of UPS, and you wouldn’t even recognize a John Deere tractor unless it was Green with the yellow logo type on top.

Perhaps most important, color has influence. 84.7% of buyers identify color as a primary draw when they describe what initiates a buying experience. Studies show that local advertisers can quickly “own” colors in their local markets by consistently using them in their marketing and promotions.

Next time you are working with a potential client on a new banner, instead of being predictable and starting your design with a white banner you’ll put color on, think about doing your design on a colored banner that will stand out and really have a visual impact.