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Surrounded by Signs: Pay Attention to Your Environment for Creative Possibilities

This summer, when you’re out at festivals, street fairs, Farmer’s Markets, and even walking down the sidewalk, take a second to notice what’s all around us, as common as air. It’s a wild kingdom of ideas come to life.




Available at www.shopfuego.com

Available at www.shopfuego.com


4 Trends in Retail Signage that Provide New Market Opportunities

Here is a cool video and blog excerpt from one of our digital media vendors, Kodak.

Opportunities in Short-Term Indoor Signage...

Opportunities in Short-Term Indoor Signage…

“Due to the increase in online shopping, the brick and mortar store is facing steeper competition. Retailers have had to work on their brand awareness and retail signage plays an important role in communicating the brand message and influencing customers to purchase. Here are some of the emerging trends.

  1. More short-term signage—the life-cycle of a retail sign is getting shorter—As businesses try to gain customers, they need to continually change their messages. Consumers have short attention spans and are now used to seeing ever changing information and graphics.
  2. Eco-friendly products are in demand—Retailers know that their customers want to associate with environmentally friendly companies who use green materials and processes.
  3. Convergence of offline and online marketing strategies—More retailers are incorporating integrated marketing campaigns that send customers online and vice versa. Store signage needs to change often to keep up with the dynamic nature of technology.
  4. Rebranding is becoming an important marketing strategy—Competitive pressure to maintain a current look have caused many retail stores and restaurants to rebrand which has created an additional need for retail signage.”

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USCutter sells banners in a dozen colors because we know color has power.

We offer red, a color that creates a sense of urgency; a deep rich burgundy that denotes quality, and a black that feels powerful and communicates authority.

There’s blue – a color that inspires trust. Green, which is associated with health and tranquility. Plus vibrant, cheerful colors like yellow and orange.

Colors are a cornerstone of good branding. Everyone knows the red of Coca-Cola, orange of Home Depot, the brown of UPS, and you wouldn’t even recognize a John Deere tractor unless it was Green with the yellow logo type on top.

Perhaps most important, color has influence. 84.7% of buyers identify color as a primary draw when they describe what initiates a buying experience. Studies show that local advertisers can quickly “own” colors in their local markets by consistently using them in their marketing and promotions.

Next time you are working with a potential client on a new banner, instead of being predictable and starting your design with a white banner you’ll put color on, think about doing your design on a colored banner that will stand out and really have a visual impact.