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It Pays to “Wrapify” Vehicles with Avery Dennison Car Wrapping Films

Turn your vehicle into a revenue source by wrapping your car in a paid ad! This is the premise behind:

Turn your vehicle into a revenue source!

Turn your vehicle into a revenue source!

“…Wrapify exclusively uses Avery Dennison films, designing and printing the films in-house. Then, they leverage a network of certified installers to complete the installs on the vehicles. The company requires a certification for shops, even those that are Avery Dennison certified, in order to become official film installers for the company. Once certified, Wrapify will direct business toward these select shops. Those interested in becoming a Wrapify certified installer should visit

With 42,000 registered drivers already, Wrapify is well on its way to becoming a force in localized advertising. Learn more about the company and how you can get involved as a driver or installer at”

Read more about Avery Dennison’s involvement in the growth and development of Wrapify here!