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Safer Cycling after dark with Oracal Reflexite Tape

Oracal Reflexite Tape makes bicycling safer

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USCutter offers a full line of Reflexite tapes that present a worthwhile investment  in safety and visibility.   Designed with buses and safety vehicles in mind, we’ve seen the tape used on mailboxes, marine docks and buoy, sidewalk steps, extensively on horse trailers and recreation vehicle and even on standard outdoor signage.  (The Reflexite V92 tape makes a great trim to make any sign infinitely more visible day or night.)

We’re always looking for new uses – especially those our customers can do some business on – and happened across this page from the blog of Spokane’s South Perry District Bicycle Shop.

A few feet of Refexite Conspicuity V82 tape turns this bicycle into a highly visible and safe commuter vehicle even in the deep dark of the rural foothills.   Imagine what it can do on the rear of truck trailers, utility vehicles and agricultural equipment.

This is one of those jobs that you’ll do one of for a biking enthusiast, then earn repeat business as the bicycle is seen all over town and the word spreads.  It could also save a few lives.